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A 50-year-old woman has welcomed twins despite.

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    Vito TisdaleVito Tisdale

    A 50-year-old woman has welcomed twins despite doctors fears that years of suffering from anorexia would’ve made her infertile.<br>Christine Forshaw, 50, from Epsom, Surrey, was on her fourth attempt at IVF and sampon impotriva caderii parului catena had spent around £20,000 on treatment when she welcomed her daughters Emily Tracey weighing 4lb 12oz and Grace Christine 5lb 8oz in April.<br>The customer services administrator, who suffered from anorexia between ages 14 to 34, said doctors were unsure if she would be fertile because she hadn’t had a normal period in years and at her lowest she weighed close to just 4 stone.<br>Having divorced her husband of 10 months aged 29, she revealed it wasn’t until years later that she decided to undergo fertility treatment after speaking to a friend about her desire to have children. <br> Christine Forshaw, 50, from Epsom, Surrey, welcomed daughters Emily Tracey weighing 4lb 12oz and Grace Christine 5lb 8oz (pictured) in April<br> Christine, who had battled anorexia since age 14, decided to try IVF over 10 years after her divorce.

    Pictured: Christine on her wedding day <br>Christine was age 46 when she had her first attempt at IVF in 2017, undergoing  treatment privately at a clinic in London. <br>Christine said: ‘Daddy is a sperm donor, I don’t know who he is.
    But I chose him from a website. It’s a bit like amazon.<br>’You look at the criteria for the donor, all his information. I know his hair colour, blood group and hobbies. His hair is dark brown, his eyes are green. You get a catalogue number, put it in a basket and pay for it.<br> RELATED ARTICLES

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    The 50-year-old paid £275 a year to keep the sperm in a freezer as she underwent her treatments.<br>Christine admits that the ‘heartbreak’ of three failed attempts almost caused her to give up on her dreams of having a baby. <br>She said the fear of regretting not giving it one more try spurred her on, with medics explaining that they would put two eggs in and there would be a 5 per cent chance of twins.  <br> Christine (pictured), who got pregnant on her fourth IVF attempt, decided to keep her pregnancy a secret until 26 weeks<br> Christine (pictured left, with a friend) had previously struggled with her weight while trying to  achieve a figure like model Kate Moss<br><div class=”art-ins mol-factbox femail” data-version=”2″ id=”mol-46cc9730-4e0c-11ec-82e0-eb7f6279e70c” website 50, whose weight dropped to less than 5 STONE welcomes twins

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