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Among The Myriad Reasons For Hair Loss, Could Cell Phone Radiation Be One?

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    Bridgette RaneyBridgette Raney

    <br> Hair thinning is a distressing experience whatever your age.

    <br><br> No one likes the youthful looks to be taken over by an ageing appearance. <br><br> Yet we must keep in mind that the most common reason for hair loss is age related and is not associated with any kind of illness, nutritional deficit, or distressing situation. <br><br> It is simply androgenetic alopecia, also called male pattern baldness.

    <br><br> Medical professionals call it female pattern baldness when it affects women. <br><br> Statistics say white men suffer from thinning hair more than any other ethnic group, with nearly half of them affected by the age 50. <br><br> Women sustain their hair longer with most of them experiencing thinning by age 70.
    <br><br> But does cell phone cause hair loss? <br><br> With nearly 90% of the world population using cell phones, harmful effects of electromagnetic (EMG) radiation is becoming a subject of debate. <br><br> Some research studies have come to the conclusion that EMG does affect genes, tissue, sperm, and lipsa vitamine caderea parului endocrine management.

    Researchers are of the opinion that there have been cases of hair loss over the temporal region – probably the result of continuous and extended conversations over mobile phones. <br><br> But the good news is use of anti oxidants, vitamins, and minerals aids in the regeneration of hair cells.
    <br><br> According to medical professionals, low dose 2% minoxidil application with adequate nutritional therapy helps in addressing the issue. <br><br> Other recommendations are: <br> Restricting cell phone usage Holding the cell phone away from the ear <br> Incidences of hair loss among call center professionals have also been observed.

    But it is still not clear whether it is due to prolonged working in front of computer devices. <br><br> Such subjects are discussed by scientists and doctors alike on a regular basis, but the final say is still not out. <br><br> Nevertheless it makes sense to take adequate precautions while using cell phones and working in front of computing devices.
    <br><br> Some of the things you can do are: <br> Use a landline phone if available and use cell phones for shorter conversations only. Make use of devices with hands-free functionality, such as wired handsets. This allows for more distance between the cell phone and the head of the user. <br> Here are a few things you must know to understand the basics of hair loss.

    <br><br> Anagen is the first stage, which is the active growth phase. This is followed by Telogen which is the resting stage. Exogen is the phase when active shedding takes place, and finally Kenogen is the stage between empty hair follicle and the growth of fresh hair.

    <br><br> It is quite normal to shed about 100 to 150 telogen phase hairs a day. <br><br> But a quantity of more than 100 during one wash or brushing is cause for concern. <br><br> This occurs when hair follicles in the anagen phase prematurely progress into the telogen phase resulting in more hair loss than normal.

    <br><br> You must make sure you are using the right shampoo for the upkeep of your strands. <br><br> As luck would have it there are several great shampoos for hair loss prevention in the market. <br><br> No two shampoos are created equal, so buy one that addresses your unique needs.
    <br><br> If you choose the right one, you can address thinning hair, improve volume, and enhance circulation of the follicles. <br><br> Fortunately, modern scientific advances have brought about plenty of safe and effective solutions for hair loss prevention. <br><br> DNA damage was clearly evident in studies of hair samples collected from healthy individuals before and after making or receiving a phone call using cell phones for a few minutes.

    There were clear signs of DNA damage of hair root cells ascertained by a simple and sensitive technique for DNA damage. <br><br> Excessive use of cell phone can also be one of the reasons for hair fall in female. The problem can be mitigated by using antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.
    They can help in damage cell recovery. Hair loss can also be stopped and regrowth encouraged by the use of a low dose 2 percent Minoxidil. It is an FDA-approved treatment that has been delivering visible results in most users. <br> is a website that provides women with inclusive information on like and other reasons.

    The website contains up-to-date product information, impartial hair education, and useful . It also has a forum in which women can discuss their hair care needs and experiences.

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