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Words By – Thakur Yashpal Singh Rajput

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    The Gurjar is a great race of the world. Gurjars had been ruling India since historical times; their some families were called Rajputs in medieval period. Rajput, Maratha, Jat and Ahir are heirs of the Kshatriyas. They are not foreigners. there is no community being called Kshatriya except us all. How that Kshatriyan race can be eliminated in which Ram and Krishna were born. All of us Rajput, Maratha, Jat and Ahirs are the stars whereas Gurjar is the Moon in the Kshatriyan sky. It is beyond human power to lessen the dignity of the Gurjars.

    (Words By – Thakur Yashpal Singh Rajput)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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